Yellow Jacket Hot Sauce Baby D's Bee Sting - 4 oz.
Yellow Jacket Hot Sauce Baby D's Bee Sting - 2 oz.
Yellow Jacket

Yellow Jacket

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Yellow Jacket is the fan favorite for flavor. The perfect blend of Jamaican Scotch Bonnet and Orange Habanero creates a heat profile that starts with the signature bee sting sensation on the lips and tip of the tongue. 
The heat then coats the tongue before it melts into a symphony of flavor conducted by the apple cider vinegar.

This breathtaking sauce is as good as it looks. Made from a blend of yellow peppers, it has the just the right amount of heat. 

After the initial sting goes away you'll be left with a taste that will have you filling up another dropper in no time, just so you can ride the flavor train again!
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