Original Hot Sauce Baby D's Bee Sting - 4 oz.
Original Hot Sauce Baby D's Bee Sting - 2 oz.
Baby D's Original Hot Sauce

Baby D's Original Hot Sauce

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The Original blend is
a mixture of hot and super hot peppers. 
Each pepper bringing its own unique flavor and heat profile. 
It starts out with the signature "bee sting" sensation on the tip of the tongue. 
A creeping warmth then comes from the throat and fills the mouth with a lingering heat. 
Made from Carolina Reaper Peppers, this is the hottest sauce we currently produce.
My kitten that always wants my food no longer wants anything I have and actually runs away from my plates after getting a gullet full of original. Thank you. #finallyfree
Allergies have been cured, thanks to a heavy dose of the original batch in a large bowl of chili, for breakfast...
This is, in my opinion, the BEST TASTING and HOTTEST sauce I have ever tasted. The fact that it is local is even better! I now put the "original" on everything I eat. If there is anything hotter than that, let me know!!!