2019 Hornet's Nest Membership

2019 Hornet's Nest Membership

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Hey, chiliheads! Baby D here with some exciting news about the 2019 Hornets Nest Membership year. This offer is only available for 7 lucky hot sauce fanatics. So I want you to go straight over to babydsbeesting.com as soon as the video is over so you won’t miss out!

The one thing we do best here at Baby D’s Bee sting is make small batches of all-natural hot sauce. I started doing this because I was sick of buying super hot sauces made with extract just to get home to discover they taste like hairspray. I knew I could make an all natural sauce that would make me sweat with pure, simple ingredients that really let the peppers be the star!

In our first year of business, we created the 6 flavors you all know and love. We also started getting peppers from a variety of local farmers. Some of them we don’t use in our signature recipes. So what is a hot sauce maker to do? Make micro batches and share them with chiliheads just like you, of course!

We are closing out 2018 with 33 subscribers and they are loving the sauces they have access to. When you preorder your 2019 Hornets Nest membership today and you will get:

  • All 6 signature sauces shipped this week
  • A special single batch mystery sauce shipped to your door every 60 days starting in January
  • The opportunity to get products not available for public sale
  • Access to our community of crazy heat seeking chiliheads
  • The comfort in knowing that you have the freshest, and often hottest ALL NATURAL sauces being made ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD, in your home

Now, let me help you with the math. What I’m offering is a $156 value minimum in sauce alone but if you are one of the next 8 people to join, you can have it all for just $107.50. Once you have secured your spot in the Hornet’s nest you can say goodbye to the stress of having to hunt down the freshest all natural sauce. Can you imagine what it will be like to be the envy of all your chilihead friends? Don’t have friends? We are ready and eager to welcome you to our group! Don’t delay, join today!