About Baby D's Sauce

At Baby D's Bee Sting, we make handcrafted small-batch hot sauces with all natural ingredients.


Every batch of Baby Ds Bee Sting™ is unique! Why? Because all of the ingredients used are 100% natural. The stinging heat and powerful flavor are always present but in different amounts. This difference comes from the types of chili peppers used in each batch. Each strain of chili has a distinct flavor profile. By combining them we create a symphony of flavor.

Besides the peppers, there are only five other ingredients: apple cider vinegar, onions, garlic, salt, and Love! Why these four? We want you to be able to really taste the natural flavors of the peppers. We love our ingredients through every step of the process. Can you tell? The apple cider vinegar, onion, and garlic help bring a sweetness and balanced flavor to the sauces.

 Baby Ds Bee Sting Original Hot SauceBaby Ds Bee Sting Okie Sunset Hot SauceBaby Ds Bee Sting Yellow Jacket Hot SauceBaby Ds Bee Sting Jalahellno Hot SauceBaby Ds Bee Sting Sweet Stang Hot Sauce

 Sweet Stang Hot Syrup

Sweet Stang Hot Sauce Baby Ds Bee Sting
This is Baby D's gateway sauce.

Sweet Stang is made with honey, agave, and habanero powder. The honey melts into the warmth from the habanero. "There is something magic in combining sweet and heat." - Baby D

The seriously seductive Sweet Stang is the newest addition to our product line. 

This sauce is a honey and agave combination infused with habanero powder with a splash of apple cider vinegar. Rated at a 2 Bee heat level this is truly a sauce for the whole family. 

It is perfect for drizzling on anything and everything!

"Added some Baby D’s Original to my chicken biscuit this morning. 🤤
Reminded me that I REALLY need to order some Sweet Stang.
Thanks for making such a delicious product! 🖤"

JalaHellNo Hot Sauce

Baby D's Sting JalaHellno Hot Sauce
More like JalaHellYeah!

Jalahellno is slightly hotter than Sweet Stang and the introduction to our vinegar based sauces. 

The combination of jalapeno and serrano peppers create a mild heat profile that warms the entire palate with hints of citrus. 

When cooking with Jalahellno is important to remember that too much of a good thing...is absolutely fabulous!

Yellow Jacket Hot Sauce

Yellow Jacket has become insanely popular as it captures the perfect blend of heat and packs AMAZING flavor profiles as well. 

Made with a delicious blend of green peppers, it is safe for everyone. 

But BEWARE it is highly addictive. You will want to buy two or more bottles. It can't be avoided...
Yellow Jacket is the fan favorite for flavor. The perfect blend of Jamaican Scotch Bonnet and Orange Habanero creates a heat profile that starts with the signature bee sting sensation on the lips and tip of the tongue. 
The heat then coats the tongue before it melts into a symphony of flavor conducted by the apple cider vinegar.
This breathtaking sauce is as good as it looks. Made from a blend of yellow peppers, it has the just the right amount of heat. 
After the initial sting goes away you'll be left with a taste that will have you filling up another dropper in no time, just so you can ride the flavor train again!
We suggest sharing but understand if you don't want to.

Okie Sunset Hot Sauce

Okie Sunset Hot Sauce Baby Ds Bee Sting

Okie Sunset is the most complex of our current selections. Made with 80% Yellow Jacket and 20% Original Red, Okie Sunset boasts a heat profile that tickles and warms the entire palate. 

It got its name because the color is as beautiful as an Oklahoma sunset.

"This one is unreal." -James Aldrige, Heat Seeker

"Love that sauce!" - Al Pagano, Early Adopter

"It's really good!!!" - Baby D's Mom (The toughest critic of all!)


Original Hot Sauce

Original Hot Sauce Baby D's Bee Sting

The Original blend is
a mixture of hot and super hot peppers. 
Each pepper bringing its own unique flavor and heat profile. 
It starts out with the signature "bee sting" sensation on the tip of the tongue. 
A creeping warmth then comes from the throat and fills the mouth with a lingering heat. 
Made from Carolina Reaper Peppers, this is the hottest sauce we currently produce.
My kitten that always wants my food no longer wants anything I have and actually runs away from my plates after getting a gullet full of original. Thank you. #finallyfree
Allergies have been cured, thanks to a heavy dose of the original batch in a large bowl of chili, for breakfast...
This is, in my opinion, the BEST TASTING and HOTTEST sauce I have ever tasted. The fact that it is local is even better! I now put the "original" on everything I eat. If there is anything hotter than that, let me know!!!

Introducing: XxDeath SaucexX

Original not hot enough?

Try our newest and hottest creation, XxDeath SaucexX

What makes it hotter? More pepper mash per bottle. We pride ourselves on having more pure peppers per bottle in ALL of our sauces than most others. We outdid ourselves by packing even more CAROLINA REAPER into this sauce than any other sauce we make.

What are chiliheads saying?

"Dayum" -Jeremy K

"The color on the XXX made my b-hole pucker " - Bradford B.

"XXX is my absolute jam." - Braxton M.

"This ain't amateur hour any more boys!" Shaun E.