Why Flavor Is King For Hot Sauce Fans

The Guardian published a story this week highlighting the surge in popularity of hot sauce in the UK. The author asks hot sauce fans what makes a great sauce and discovers a majority agree that flavor is more important to heat.

This is primarily attributed to the use of chili extract, essentially pure capsaicin (the compound that makes chilis hot). Hot sauce experts quoted in the article describe chili extract as pure heat and that consuming hot sauce made with it takes away from the passion for hot sauce as a wonderful ingredient.

Personally, two of the worst decisions I've ever made involved eating chili extract. Here is what our customers have to say:

"I think the super hots and heat is adding flavor, not diminishing it. Give the people what they want. If they want hot, give them hot, if they want robust pepper flavor with low heat, make it! The point is that there is plenty of room, interest, and demand for original and authentic, quality crafted hot sauces." - Austin H. 

"Pure scorching heat with no flavor is a no thank you. Artificial ingredients, oil extracts and the like to simply increases Scoville heat no thanks. True crafted real ingredients, artisan or rare peppers, roasting or techniques to enhance flavor, and a unique package make a great product. Consumers want differing gradients of heat combined with breadth and depth of unique layers of flavor." - Marshall P.

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