How Hot Sauce can Improve Your Diet

Recently published scientific research says capsaicin, the chemical in chilies that makes them hot, has many health benefits and may even slow cancer growth. The article published on quotes one researcher who says the real benefits come from eating the whole chili pepper because they are full of bioactive compounds. It goes on to say blending chilies increases the number of compounds available for absorption and that pairing them with fat will improve uptake of nutrients. 

This is no surprise to us here at Baby D's Bee Sting. In fact, many of our customers were eager to report on how our sauce has improved their diet. Here are just a few of our favorite quotes:

"My diet was pretty garbage for the last 2 years. It got really bad when I lived in a place without a kitchen and fast food was less of a hassle than making anything. Kills your stomach and your wallet. It didn't improve much when I moved into a place without central air - cooking in the summer in a place where you don't need to light candles to melt them, not gonna happen. I'm in a place with a kitchen and central air now and I'm getting really excited about food (just ask Sarah, I bought a vegetable peeler and everything!) and part of that is because Baby D's Bee Sting is so freakin fantastic, not even joking. If I'm stepping up my hot sauce game, I'm stepping up my food game because I'm not just putting that shit on trash food. And you know if I'm stepping up my food game, I'm stepping up my health game too" -Liz S.

"Okie sunset and yellow jacket both are perfect for an am(or even pm) pick me up
Also been using original to help with stuffy sinuses and headaches!" Lilith L.

"Yep, I have an apple cider vinegar drink with a healthy dose of sauce in it every mornin. Okie sunset this mornin!" 

"[Baby D's Bee Sting] should get an award and state subsidies for promoting public health in OK." - Will S.

"Cheers [Baby D's Bee Sting] for all the added lifetimes." - James A.

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