Baby D's spring 2018 update!

Hey everybody! Baby D, here with a quick update on what's going on around Baby D's Bee Sting. A couple of super exciting announcements about some contest coming up as well as other areas where we need your input. 

What we do here at Baby D's Bee Sting is an attempt to make the absolute best hot sauce for you, the customer, so it's very important to us to get feedback from you. We've been super busy lately just making the sauce and getting it out as fast as we absolutely can. So.

Thank you all so much for keeping us busy. That being said, I have neglected a little bit to do things like this, where I get to reach out to let you know what's on the horizon. It's a feedback for what you want because we don't lose focus on what you want as the customer.

One thing that I'm starting to do more often is going to be Instagram stories, so I've started to do those at least once a day, I'm going to try to be putting them up three or four times a day. So one of the things I would like to hear back from you is what do you want to see in the Instagram stories? What is something about Baby D's Bee Sting that you have wondered or that you don't know, and maybe we can address in the form of a 15-second, Instagram story or series of those? Just let me know he can reach out either via my email address, or on social media @babydsbeesting on Instagram and Baby Ds Bee Sting on Facebook.

If you aren't a part of the baby Ds Bee Sting Private Reserve Facebook group, you should definitely check that out. That's a very active group and we actually have started getting some video submissions from people in that group for a series of videos that we're putting together where we have different customers, actually record a video of themselves trying some hot sauce, putting it on a dish that they love and just saying, "that's good!" I've done that myself I'm going to be posting those videos soon. You know I actually think that I want to kick off this call-to-action.

This competition season I want to actually see who can give me the most creative, "that's good!" video who can actually go out and find the craziest dish to put hot sauce on. Recently somebody told me that they like it on a handful of skittles, that kind of blew my mind, I'm a fan of the sweet and the heat and I've never even considered putting hot sauce on some skittles is so I would love to see a video of that. You know if you have some editing chops, if you want to add some music or special effects, I would love to see that.

 The kids are great. My cousin Necia, shoutout Necia and Wyatt, had their son Cohen, try some Baby D's Sweet Stang on his biscuit and he absolutely loved it! Take a video of your kids, trying it go ahead and post that over on a Facebook or Instagram tag @babydsbeesting. I will share those with the community-at-large.

I'm going to give you guys till the end of the month, so on may, 1st I will be drawing or I will be deciding with the team of baby d's bee sting employees and supporters, which video is going to actually win for the most creative video award The next thing I want to talk to you about is going to be an additional challenge where we will be actually going out and requesting from the community-at-large a video of them trying baby d's bee sting.

I'm, going to wrap that up with an offer where we will actually send you a free bottle of sauce to shoot that video. All you have to do is pay a small amount for shipping and handling, and we will send you a free bottle of our baby. D's bee sting original, and you can use that to record your video okay.

Those videos will also include a prize in the form of the t-shirt or possibly a bandana for the details about that, we're still hammering those out. One of the ideas that we had was having you go upside down to try your baby's bee sting,  against a wall, or even putting your back over the side of a couch. The best idea I heard was having two of your friends hold you upside down while you take a bite, so we're thinking about that.

If you have another idea for a really kind of quirky-cool video contest that we could do surrounding that, we would love to hear it. So I can reach out to me is my email. You could also shoot me a message on Facebook or any of the other social media channels, specifically Facebook, and Instagram. 

I've heard from a couple of my customers that you know we don't really ask you guys enough about what you think. We don't really send out any surveys currently, so that's something that I do care about, and I am interested in getting that feedback from you. We are playing with the idea of changing, maybe switching some things around, that I would love to get your feedback on. One of the things is the dropper. People feel very passionately, one way or another, about the dropper.

So do you like the dropper? Would you rather have it in a regular hot sauce bottle for a little drip top? Would you like in the plastic bottle squeeze bottle? Have you tried any of our sauces out of the squeeze bottle? we'd love to get your feedback on that plastic glass? You want to do a dropper, no dropper, whatever your thoughts are, shoot me an email at or on social media @babydsbeesting.

What's your favorite hot sauce? Another area people are very enthusiastic about. It typically goes from one extreme to the other. We have people who love the original and now are loving the XXX death sauce. Then we have people who are die-hard Sweet Stang fans.

Actually our designer jimmy is a sweet stang fan. He told me recently that he loves to put Sweet Stang on an avocado. I think that is crazy, but also sounds delicious. I look forward to trying that. So, what's your favorite hot sauce? Do you go from one extreme to the other? You like it right in the middle like yellow jacket or okie sunset.  My wife's favorite is Jalahellno.

So another area that would love to hear from you on is the original. I've heard, some feedback from people who would like to change the name of the original. Some people think that that is a more mild sauce based on the name, its original, because that's the first recipe that I really started playing with at home and that's how the name happened in his kind of stuck.

So would you rename the original sauce? If you would? What would you call it I'd love to hear your answer to those questions, and where would you like to see the brand more? What would you like to see me more? Would you like to see more of me more of somebody else? Mitch is a hot sauce fanatic. He is running our fulfillment currently. We have Ashley and Patricia that are constantly making the sauces. So would you like to see more of me more of them? Please let me know what you want more of, and we will get it to you. 

Remember it's all about you, the customer and that's what we're doing this for so. Thank you very, very much for your support and stay tuned

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