Baby D Does the Payday Challenge!

I'm here to take things to the next
level. I've got my payday and I've got
a giant bottle of this Death Sauce. All right
I'm gonna give it a shot. So I've always
been a big fan of the sweet and the heat. It's
kind of how we came up with the idea of
the sweet Stang in the first place.
but I like to take the next level. So
this is super sweet superheat and I'm
going to go ahead and give it a shot. A
lot of people say oh you don't put
enough on or he puts too much on.
Just dump it all the way out there.
you really tell the fat from the peanut
helps cut the heat.
Reaper creeper comes up back of the
throat so as you know if you've eaten
original sauce or death sauce before it's
kind of slow to kick in. There's no good
news from my tongue removed from my
but all things considered its pretty good.

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