5-PACK in 2oz., 4oz., 16oz.



Melissa • Wray, CO

“I have several, but there is something about the flavor of the Jalepeno that makes my body crave it..I will definitely make certain foods, just to eat my jalepeno hot sauce! I started eating spicier things, just so I can have the flavor of this amazing hot sauce! I never found a flavor worth the heat until now!!”

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Marshall • Springfield, TN

“Best Hot Sauce on the planet made by a great family and group of people! Appreciate y’all!”

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Mike • Broken Arrow, OK

“I abandoned all other hot sauces after I tried Baby D's XXX the first time. I love the balance between the taste of the peppers, and the bite of the apple cider vinegar - without tasting vinegary. The taste of all Baby D's sauces are very unique, original, and super flavorful.”

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Jim • Sumner, ME

“From sweet to HEAT Baby D’s can’t be beat. Love the sweet and the heat. Also its not bad to get your mustache to sweat either.”

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Braxton • Tulsa, OK

“It tastes so good going straight from the bottle, it just sucks getting the hiccups every time.”

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Tighe • Houston, TX

“Evolution of the sting! The key is moderation.... but who likes that?? Just buy loads of it to stay stocked. That’s what I did!”

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