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Melissa • Wray, CO

“I have several, but there is something about the flavor of the Jalepeno that makes my body crave it..I will definitely make certain foods, just to eat my jalepeno hot sauce! I started eating spicier things, just so I can have the flavor of this amazing hot sauce! I never found a flavor worth the heat until now!!”

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Marshall • Springfield, TN

“Best Hot Sauce on the planet made by a great family and group of people! Appreciate y’all!”

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Mike • Broken Arrow, OK

“I abandoned all other hot sauces after I tried Baby D's XXX the first time. I love the balance between the taste of the peppers, and the bite of the apple cider vinegar - without tasting vinegary. The taste of all Baby D's sauces are very unique, original, and super flavorful.”

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Jim • Sumner, ME

“From sweet to HEAT Baby D’s can’t be beat. Love the sweet and the heat. Also its not bad to get your mustache to sweat either.”

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Braxton • Tulsa, OK

“It tastes so good going straight from the bottle, it just sucks getting the hiccups every time.”

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Tighe • Houston, TX

“Evolution of the sting! The key is moderation.... but who likes that?? Just buy loads of it to stay stocked. That’s what I did!”

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Burke Thorson • Solway, MN

"Thank you for doing what you do!! I went to Mexico and my Mexican friend thought us gringos couldn't handle heat, but they were sweatin' and we were grinnin' as we ate! I'm going to mail some of your sauce to him and his wife so they can try real hot sauce!! Gringos locos!!"

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